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1 someone in charge of other people; "am I my brother's keeper?"
2 one having charge of buildings or grounds or animals [syn: custodian, steward]

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-er keep



  1. A person who keeps something.
    Finders keepers; losers weepers.
  2. Something worth keeping.
    You can throw out all the blurry photos, but the one with her and her daughter is certainly a keeper.
  3. A person charged with guarding or caring for, storing, or maintaining something; a custodian, a guard.
  4. The player charged with guarding a goal or wicket. Short form of goalkeeper, wicketkeeper.
  5. A part of a mechanism that catches or retains another part, for example the part of a door lock that fits in the frame and receives the bolt.
  6. An offensive play in which the quarterback runs toward the goal with the ball after it is snapped.
person who keeps something
something worth keeping
guard, custodian
guardian of goal
part of mechanism

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keeper in Italian: Custode

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Audubon Society, National Wildlife Service, Sierra Club, air warden, attendant, bull, caretaker, castellan, cerberus, commandant, conservationist, conservator, curator, custodian, custos, deliverer, enjoyer, forest ranger, game warden, gamekeeper, gaoler, governor, guard, guardian, guardian angel, have, haver, holder, jailer, janitor, lifeguard, lifesaver, next friend, nurse, possessor, preservationist, preserver, principal keeper, prison guard, prochein ami, ranger, rescuer, safekeeper, saver, savior, screw, shepherd, steward, taxidermist, turnkey, warden, warder, watchdog
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